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What is B2B Sales Consulting?

B2B sales consulting services assist sales teams in harmoniously implementing structures and processes, whether in conjunction with sales training or as standalone solutions.

Start Outsourcing Your B2B Prospecting Operation With HGC

We will analyze your information and help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers aligned with your goals.

Our Core Principle

Our tactics revolve around the customer and their actions. Every successful sales team has an efficient sales funnel process as the core element.

However, many companies, even with a sales funnel in place, often overlook that the customer's choices propel an opportunity, not the salesperson's actions.

This implies that a sales funnel lacking the stages of a buyer's decision journey is essentially just a workflow for the seller.

At HGC, we prioritize placing the customer's decision journey at the heart of every B2B sales consulting engagement.

What to Look for in a B2B Sales Prospecting Consulting Firm

A B2B sales consulting company should be open to evaluating your current procedures, your specific industry, and your clientele to offer tailored suggestions and advice.

Numerous service providers share what personally worked for them, but these recommendations lack scientific basis. It’s essential to confirm that your B2B sales consulting firm has compiled extensive data on salespeople, sales organizations, sales managers, sales processes, and sales tools and that this data was gathered through real-world field research.

When you introduce a new system or process, the pivotal aspect of the transition is making sure your team effectively utilizes the new procedures. Your B2B sales consulting firm should have a well-defined strategy in place to facilitate the adoption of these new processes and systems by your team.

Our Sales Consulting Approach


An assessment of the existing tools and processes used for seller evaluation, recognition, coaching, and training is performed. HGC identifies any deficiencies that are impeding productivity.


Concentrating on the minimal adjustments necessary to achieve the most substantial enhancement, HGC devises a series of tools and practice modifications aimed at eliminating obstacles in the sales process.

Bespoke Sales Playbook Report

A formal report provides a concise overview of the analysis, encompassing areas of success, areas requiring improvement, immediate achievements, and long-term suggestions.


Initiating any transformation, whether it involves new tools, an updated sales funnel/pipeline, sales metrics, or sales management practices, is undertaken collaboratively with leadership, sales managers, and all stakeholders involved.

Our Experts

Gaurav Kumar- hunt grow consulting

Gaurav Kumar


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AVP, Business Development

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Pardeep Saini

Sr. Consultant​

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Vinay Kumar

Sr. Consultant​

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Tamanpreet Singh

Sr. Consultant​

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