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Our Inside Sales Consulting Services are now accessible to support Startups & SMEs globally in propelling their sales growth


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From talent acquisition for your sales teams to formulating comprehensive pitch development, product training, and communication strategies, Hunt Grow Consulting stands as your preeminent consultant and mentor in outbound and inside sales. We specialize in establishing and optimizing the operational processes essential to sales team success.

B2B Sales Coaching Services

HGC supports your sales team in offering B2B Sales Coaching and guidance in implementing effective sales strategies and sales CRM tools

B2B Sales Prospecting Services

Our sales consultants help your sales team identify the challenges in the sales process and engage potential clients to build long-term relationships

B2B Sales Consulting Services

We help startups and SMEs increase their revenue, improve cost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the industry

B2B Sales Strategy Development

With our sales expert assistance, you can streamline the sales pipelines and implement winning strategies to achieve a shorter sales cycle

Accelerate Sales Success

At Hunt Grow Consulting, our team of expert sales consultants and guides target the needs of startups and SMEs. We specialize in increasing your turnover, generating high-quality leads, and optimizing sales processes to ensure optimal efficiency. 

By working together with your sales team, we improve performance and empower your sales funnel to promote growth. With an emphasis on developing scalable sales funnels and nurturing client relationships, our consultants become trusted advisors to your executive team. 

We leverage our years of inside sales experience to help your SDRs thrive, assuring success in the evolving B2B market. Partner with us to maximize the effectiveness of your sales plan and thrive in today's competitive market.

How do we execute your sales strategy consulting?

Business Understanding

Understanding current sales process

Communicating with internal Inside Sales team

Building a sales strategy as per business goals

Implementing the strategy

Our Deliverables

At HGC, our commitment extends beyond strategic consultation. We use a systematic approach to ensuring your success.


An Internal Sales Audit

We thoroughly analyze current sales processes and identify strengths, flaws, and undiscovered potential.


Develop Customized Sales Playbook

Based on our insights, we create a complete playbook that includes critical development enhancers and actionable recommendations specific to your company.


Execution Advisory for Recommendations

We do more than just make recommendations; we actively coach and advise on implementing the sales playbook's strategies.


Follow-Up & Re-Evaluation

Our mantra is "continuous improvement." We follow up on completed strategies, re-evaluate their impact, and then make required revisions to guarantee long-term success.

Our Experts

Gaurav Kumar- hunt grow consulting

Gaurav Kumar


Vandana Kaushal

AVP, Business Development

Pardeep saini- Hunt grow consulting

Pardeep Saini

Sr. Consultant​

Vinay Kumar - Hunt grow consulting

Vinay Kumar

Sr. Consultant​

Tamanpreet Singh - Sr. Consultant​ - Hunt grow consulting

Tamanpreet Singh

Sr. Consultant​

Examples of our Expertise

Driving Transformation: How Hunt Grow Consulting Catalyzed Growth for IT Services Company

Driving Success: Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies for a B2B SaaS Product Based Company

Customer Testimonials

CEO LA HQ SaaS Product Company

The sales professionals at Hunt Grow Consulting helped us increase prospect to lead conversion rate by 25% in the early 3 months. They also mentored our sales team to sell more effectively and confidently. We are delighted with their service and results., and recommend businesses to choose them for the best results

Founder & CEO India HQ HealthTech Company

Working with our B2B sales consulting partner has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and sales playbook that HGC professional's delivered have had a profound impact on our sales performance, resulting in remarkable growth and success . We highly recommend them to any company looking to elevate their B2B sales strategy

CGO UK HQ IT Servives & Consulting Company

HGC has proven to be an invaluable asset for our company. Their extensive knowledge and innovative strategies have brought about a significant transformation in our sales operations, leading to impressive growth and achievement. For businesses seeking to enhance their sales performance, HGC is an excellent partner.

Ready to boost your revenue with proven sales strategies?

Get in touch with us, and our sales consultants will help you navigate through your toughest sales challenges.


What distinguishes Hunt Grow Consulting's approach to sales consulting?

Hunt Grow Consulting offers more than just guidance; we become a part of your success. Our hands-on sales training ensures your inside sales team realizes its full potential. We become valuable sales coaches, actively engaging with your SDRs and seamlessly cooperating with your executive teams. Our expertise comes from collaborative success, fueled by years of inside sales experience, guiding your SDRs to unparalleled levels.

What industries does Hunt Grow Consulting specialize in when it comes to sales consulting services?

Hunt Grow Consulting serves a wide range of industries, including IT Services & Consulting, SaaS-Based Product Companies, Product Engineering, and BPO/BPM sectors. Whether you want to attract more clients, streamline sales pipelines, increase customer engagement, or improve client acquisition and retention, our specialized sales consulting services target your industry’s specific challenges and prospects.

How does Hunt Grow Consulting help startups and SMBs?

Our primary focus areas are SLA planning, talent acquisition, lead qualification, workflow mapping, inside sales strategy, value proposition, pipeline management, and target market analysis. We customize our sales approach to satisfy the particular needs of IT Services, SaaS Products, Product Engineering, and BPM companies, ensuring that our solutions match your business specialization.

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Hunt Grow Consulting professionals understand that in this era of transformation, CEOs and business leaders have the responsibility of maximizing value for their organizations' stakeholders.

We question conventional thinking in order to create and execute B2B sales strategies that enhance profitability and ensure sustainable long-term value. Simply increasing sales volume isn't a sustainable path to success. Instead, the key to lasting success and the continued viability of your business lies in mastering the art of delivering effective sales strategies that enhance your selling capabilities.

We approach every sales consulting project with extensive industry expertise, avoiding the one-size-fits-all solutions commonly employed by many sales consulting firms.

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