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Take On Industry Disruption with Our B2B Sales Consulting Experts

Hunt Grow Consulting professionals understand that in this era of transformation, CEOs and business leaders have the responsibility of maximizing value for their organizations' stakeholders.

We question conventional thinking in order to create and execute B2B sales strategies that enhance profitability and ensure sustainable long-term value.

It all starts with Opportunity

Hunt Grow Consulting empowers organizations to cultivate effective sales processes and establish a framework of accountability. Are you considering the need for a data-driven sales strategy consultant in your organization?

Hunt Grow Consulting assists companies across diverse industries in developing high-performing sales teams, well-prepared for success in today's intricate sales landscape.

There was a time when sales organizations could rely on cold lead lists and a team of enthusiastic go-getters, but those days are gone. In today's market, across all industries, a data-centric sales strategy is essential for every team member, complemented by a robust sales infrastructure.

Hunt Grow Consulting harnesses leading-edge sales research and the latest sales tools and technology to guide client companies toward a guaranteed minimum 10X return on their investment.

Why HGC?

Simply increasing sales volume isn't a sustainable path to success. Instead, the key to lasting success and the continued viability of your business lies in mastering the art of delivering effective sales strategies that enhance your selling capabilities.

We approach every sales consulting project with extensive industry expertise, avoiding the one-size-fits-all solutions commonly employed by many sales consulting firms.

Our Sales Consulting Approach


An assessment of the existing tools and processes used for seller evaluation, recognition, coaching, and training is performed. HGC identifies any deficiencies that are impeding productivity.


Concentrating on the minimal adjustments necessary to achieve the most substantial enhancement, HGC devises a series of tools and practice modifications aimed at eliminating obstacles in the sales process.

Bespoke Sales Playbook Report

A formal report provides a concise overview of the analysis, encompassing areas of success, areas requiring improvement, immediate achievements, and long-term suggestions.


Initiating any transformation, whether it involves new tools, an updated sales funnel/pipeline, sales metrics, or sales management practices, is undertaken collaboratively with leadership, sales managers, and all stakeholders involved.

Our Experts

Gaurav Kumar- hunt grow consulting

Gaurav Kumar


Vandana Kaushal

AVP, Business Development

Pardeep saini- Hunt grow consulting

Pardeep Saini

Sr. Consultant​

Vinay Kumar - Hunt grow consulting

Vinay Kumar

Sr. Consultant​

Tamanpreet Singh - Sr. Consultant​ - Hunt grow consulting

Tamanpreet Singh

Sr. Consultant​

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