Our Expertise

Our Differentiators

Develop a robust inside sales unit using our SCaaS & LeadGen Performance Decagon© framework

Niche Focus

We only partner with tech startups and SMB firms like yours

Vast Experience

We know the nitty gritty of B2B sales DNA

Growth-oriented Framework

Our analysis and playbook are customised to enhance sales performance

Delivery Capabilities

We help our client to implement our solution end-to-end

Moreover, we use more than 100+ metrics along with our sales analysis model to create a highly customized playbook!

Benefits of Partnering With Us

We have the expertise and know-how on best practices, tools, resources, and processes to guide you in running a successful inside sales department. In other words, what you get is a one-stop shop consulting solution to address all your lead generation and inside sales needs.

  • We can help you have better clarity of your target market and their pain points

  • We can guide you to craft appealing messages and draft relevant probing questions during prospecting

  • We can do a thorough audit, identify bottlenecks and suggest ways to solve them effectively and efficiently

GEO focus (global)
Very few players
Industry know-how
Limited players
Consulting in both lead generation & inside sales
Very few players
Kick-off & delivery
5-8 weeks
At least 12 weeks (industry standard)
Dedicated team (advisor, consultant, analyst/strategist)
Industry-leading certified professionals
Very few players
Metrics-based assessment
Yes (Using 100+ assessment metrics)
30-50 assessment metrics (Industry standard)

Price of Not Partnering With Us

  • The pain point of not engaging with us and doing it internally involves significant costs involved in hiring, onboarding, and training sales resources

  • You spent significant time on GTM strategies whereas involving us would reduce TTM significantly as we leverage our past experience of what tactics work in similar markets

  • You can utilize our SMART approach towards outbound outreach strategies or else you could end up wasting time and lose out on how to leverage potential qualified leads and business opportunities

Potential Impact - Once you engage with us


Higher lead qualification and conversion rates


Reduced average sales cycle


Robust sales process that is structured & scalable

Your business transformation starts with a conversation

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