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Lead Generation and Inside Sales Consulting Service

A well-trained and certified B2B Inside Sales Consultant can go a long way in navigating through this tricky period and provide guidance as well as checks and balances in the creation of sales tactics and operational procedures that are measurable and scalable in the short, mid, and long term.

Why do you need an expert consultant?

When you are starting out and growing a new business venture, there are ample business areas within the sales BU that play a vital role in elevating the growth of your business.

Quite often as a leader or founder, we might overlook certain gaps/bottlenecks or take decisions in haste that can have serious repercussions and slow the growth trajectory.

  • Will the inside sales workflow model work?
  • Will the desired number of sales deals be closed?
  • Will the value proposition resonate with the client’s needs?

Why Spend Money on Inside Sales Consulting?

The startup space has become highly competitive in the last decade, and many have failed to survive beyond a couple of years – WHY? Because of unreliable revenue models and ineffective sales efficacy processes. It is imperative to ensure a robust team and process in place which would pave the way for a successful startup saga.

We have a cumulative experience of 100+ years in understanding the multitude of IT sales cycles across all key markets worldwide and are well-positioned to help you succeed through our 4 Ds –

Our team of consultants brings over decades of experience in inside sales to help any SaaS startup company in building teams and processes that will achieve sales excellence.

Our Value Proposition To You

  • Focus on fundamental Sales KPIs and Metrics to be benchmarked against
    industry peers and market leaders
  • Use the mechanism to set up
    a mechanism for continuous
  • Data to be automatically plumbed from the operations and finance systems to run dynamic benchmarking on a periodic basis
  • This would allow the businesses to monitor health, identify the efficacy of prior initiatives and develop new initiatives
  • HGC to understand the results of the benchmark
    in combination with qualitative operational insights to diagnose current issues
  • HGC to then recommend industry best practices for enhancing the sales operating model

Our PCC Approach



We offer advisory services covering both lead generation and inside sales process



We diagnose and suggest actionable remedies by assessing the complete inside sales journey



We develop a highly personalized playbook as each sales cycle differs

How We Deliver

Our subject matter expertise in inside sales includes but is not limited to –

Our Models

Sales Analysis Model

Our Sales Analysis Model can help companies like yours in identifying CSFs that will trigger enhanced sales performance exponentially.

Outcome & Complexity Matrix

We use Outcome & Complexity Matrix model to determine the eventual impact and the degree of difficulty in implementing all initiatives that are recommended to enhance/improve sales outcomes

Sales Funnel Management

We analyze and identify gaps (if any) in all 8 stages of your Sales Funnel Management to ensure high conversion rates, more new logos, and reduced sales cycle times

We use specific ratings of all key findings post the virtual executive sessions with our client’s key stakeholders

Learn about how we can help with your Sales needs.

What We Deliver

Solution Duration Agenda Deliverable
Benchmark (Phase 1)
1-2 Weeks
Assess the internal sales landscape in- depth by conducting virtual sessions with all relevant stakeholders, reviewing all internal documents and any relevant data
1. Examining the entire inside sales BU using our proprietary SCaaS & LeadGen Performance Decagon © model

2. Virtual Interactive Sessions
Analysis and Diagnostics (Phase 2)
4-6 Weeks
"Develop a customized sales playbook using our proprietary sales assessment model and recommend actionable solutions to remove bottlenecks and trigger inside sales growth"
“Sales playbook covering key dimensions including process gaps (if any) and recommendations with an action plan”
Continuous Monitoring (Phase 3)
3 days every quarter
"Review the entire sales workflow map as well as the sales metrics and OKRs defined in the sales playbook"
"Checkpoint inspection to track and monitor progress"
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